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Public health and commercial laboratories that offer non-culture testing of rectal and pharyngeal specimens for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea


NAATs are recommended for routine diagnosis of CT/GC infections.  NAATs have shown increased sensitivity, particularly for pharyngeal and rectal specimens compared to culture; however, no commercially available NAATs have been FDA-approved for pharyngeal or rectal specimens.  An increasing number of public health and commercial laboratories are utilizing Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) guidelines and conducting verification studies for off-label use.  This list was compiled through contacts with laboratories and test manufactures and by polling listserves, and thus is not likely to be a complete list of laboratories in the US who have been CLIA verified for off-label use.  It will be updated semiannually with newly identified or verified labs.  To suggest additions or corrections, please contact Dr. Rick Steece (email:, phone: 1-605-224-9240).

Download list of CLIA verified labs for non-genital CT and GC NAATs